Our New Book: The Exit Management Handbook

10/25/2019, By Adrian Choo

Here you are! Our new book is launch!

and I are very excited and hyped up over our Official Book Launch tomorrow at the Insititue of Human Resources Professionals. After seeing what happened to DFS, companies need to understand that Employees are humans with emotions, not machines with manuals. They need to do the right thing and offer dignity, respect and empathy to the staff they retrench. And HR has the perfect opportunity to take the lead in ensuring Compassionate Retrenchment Practices. Written for the hashtaghrprofessional, we authored this book along with 26 other Senior hashtagHR Leaders, to show WHY companies need to be compassionate, HOW they should conduct the process, and WHAT they can achieve with a respectful and dignified retrenchment exercise. We aim to make a huge difference in this often neglected area of hashtaghrmanagement.

To get your copy of our book, "The Exit Management Handbook, The Definitive Guide to Compassionate Retrenchment Practices", visit book.careeragility.org now!

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