I'm not happy with my current salary!

11/14/2019, By Adrian Choo

Dear Adrian, I'm not happy with my current salary. How? Jane Hi Jane. There are many reasons why folks feel unhappy with their salary. Understand your root cause and act accordingly. For instance, 1. I'm not paid enough for the work I do. I'm actually doing 2 person's jobs! In this case, getting more money may not help as you'll get burnt out in no time, increment or otherwise. Speak to your boss to redesign your job or get extra resources. 2. I feel my peers are earning more than me. Well, if your peers are from a different (and more lucrative) industry, then it could be true. Find out how you can pivot to those markets then make the jump. 3. I'm genuinely underpaid for the work I do. Maybe it's because you've been in the same company for too long and increments have been dismal. Perhaps it's time to explore roles outside your company. Folks usually enjoy a 12-20% uplift in salary with another company. Whatever your reasons are, understand the root causes and take action.