Posting in LinkedIn

11/8/2019, By Adrian Choo

Warning... Many people are turning to LinkedIn as a channel for self promotion. However, social media can be an unforgiving double edged sword. Before posting anything on Linkedin, ask yourself 3 questions. 1. Is this post better suited for Facebook? If it's about kittens or some silly video, it doesn't belong to LI. It needs to be Professional. 2. Is this post congruent with your Professional Brand? Will it reinforce your desired message, or detract from it? There's a CFO I know who keeps posting schoolboy jokes on linkedin...nobody takes him seriously now. 3. What are the repercussions? Of you have controversial opinions, keep them to yourself. Why? Even if you believe deeply in them, they might not be shared by your Company and you might actually get into trouble with HR. When I was a board member in a local charity, our CEO wrote to the press about his personal views about one of our Partners and we had to have an 'Adult Conversation' with him. Always be careful of what you post on social media. It could bite you.