Customized Employee Engagement Programs

Because Career Agility International is the Thought-Leader in the emerging field of Career Dynamics, we have a full suite of Career-centric services and resources that can support your Organisation to enhance your Employee Engagement, Retention and Talent Development.

With over 50 years of combined Career Excellence and Mastery, we are able to customize Employee Career Agility programs to suit your Career-related challenges. We leverage diagnostic data to quickly spot problem areas and recommend suitable programs for a variety of budgets and scopes.

  1. CareerCare™ Transition Services
    Our CareerAgility-focused Corporate Offboarding Program that goes beyond helping your exiting staff look for jobs, but also to manage their longer-term Career Strategy™.

  2. Enterprise-grade CAROL™
    Big-data and AI-driven Career Diagnostic Tool for Enterprise-wide Career-evaluation and Solutioning.

  3. ACE™ (Agile Career Engagement)
    A Career-Lifecycle™ Approach to managing Employee Engagement and Expectations

  4. Career Conversations
    Enabling meaningful and effective discussions between Staff and Managers to ensure continued Career-engagement

  5. Career Agility for Team Ability
    Enhancing your Team Capabilities via deep application of Career Agility Principles.

  6. Career Acceleration for High-Potential Employees
    A customized Career-focused program for the top talents you want to retain and develop.